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Monday 23 April 2018

Criminal Justice Database

The working group committee was keen to initiate some form of working project that would be of use to our members. The Group decided to establish an online database of information about the criminal justice systems of each country represented in the working group - the Criminology / CJS Fact Sheet project. Members of the group are creating a brief overview and critique of criminal justice procedures in their own jurisdictions, including any current issues. A pro-forma has been created to help members in this task and to aid consistency across jurisdictions. The plan is that this will eventually build into a significant online source of information for all those interested in criminal justice research.

Fact Sheet Instructions

The following members are completing Fact Sheets for the following countries:

  • Austria -  Irene Stoeckl
  • Croatia -  Anna-Maria Getos 
  • England and Wales - Carly Lightowlers & Rosemary Broad
  • Israel -  Revital Selah-Shayovitz 
  • Macedonia -  Aleksandra
  • Norway - Richard Kempster
  • Scotland -  Jenny Johnstone 
  • Serbia -  Ljiljana Stevkovic 


If you would like to be involved, please contact Dr Sabine Carl (