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Tuesday 24 April 2018
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No Offence! Evolution of Peer Power - the new revolution in breaking the cycle of offending


18th September 2014, Nomura International, London

Conference brief

When Chris Grayling announced the launch of the Transforming Rehabilitation programme a key element of this was the emphasis on using mentors to support people coming out of prison and in particular the use of people with convictions to provide such a service.

The Transforming Rehabilitation programme has helped to move the concept and use of mentoring into the forefront of thinking around how to deliver significant impact in reducing re-offending. Peer Mentoring has been around for several years delivering on both sides of the gates but very few reports exist even today which demonstrate that the impact of such interventions truly reduce re-offending. The reality however, will be, that as the Ministry of Justice announce their preferred bidders to deliver the new Transforming Rehabilitation programme and take on the new Community Rehabilitation Companies, mentoring will play a key role in these services up and down the country.

This conference therefore will seek to both celebrate peer mentoring as good practice and highlight the achievements for both peer mentors and their clients. Through this we aim to demonstrate peer mentoring as a professionally delivered activity and through wider recognition of such, these services can be more effectively integrated into mainstream rehabilitation services supporting desistance and contributing to a reduction in re-offending.

We hope therefore to initiate discussion and thought for the new Community Rehabilitation Company owners as they begin to move towards mobilisation and launch of their new services, which will assist them to get the very best out of peer mentoring interventions. As ever, the true beneficiaries will not only be the mentors and their clients but our wider communities, which will be a little bit safer with every person rehabilitated.

For more information please visit the No Offence! website.