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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Community Justice Glossary

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AA - Alcoholics Anonymous

AAS - Alcohol Advisory Service
ABC - Acceptable Behaviour Contract
ABPO - Association of Black Probation Officers
ACAS - Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACC - Association of County Councils

ACCT - Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork

ACEVO - Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations

ACMD - Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
ACPCs - Area Child Protection Committees

ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers
ACR - Automatic Conditional Release

ACU - Active Communities Unit
AD - Absolute Discharge

ADECS - Association of Directors of Education and Children's Services
ADSS - Association of Directors of Social Services

AGMA - Association of Greater Manchester Authorities
AIA - Asylum and Immigration Act 1996
AMA - Association of Metropolitan Authorities

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition
AOABH - Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

APA - Association of Police Authorities
APACS - Assessment of Policing and Community Safety
APHBR - Approved Probation Hostel and Home and Bail Hostel Rules 1976
APT&C - Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical Staff

ARV - Armed Response Vehicle

ASBA - Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003
ASBO - Anti Social Behaviour Order
ASPBH - Association of Staff of Probation and Bail Hostels
ASPIRE - Assessment-Sentence Plan-Intervention-Review-Evaluate
ASRO - Addressing Substance Related Offending Programme

ASW - Approved Social Worker

ATB - Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour
AUR - Automatic Unconditional Release


BA - Bail Act 1976

BAPA - Black and Asian Police Association
BASW - British Association of Social Workers

BAWP - British Association for Women in Policing
BCS - British Crime Survey
BCU - Basic Command Unit

BIA - Borders and Immigration Agency (was IND)

BIO - Bail Information Officer
BIS - Bail Information Scheme
BME - Black and Minority Ethnic 

BTP - British Transport Police
BVPI - Best Value Performance Indicator
BVR - Best Value Review



c-NOMIS - Computer National Offender Management Information System
CAB - Citizens' Advice Bureau
CACD - Court of Appeal Criminal Division
CAFCASS - Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

CAFS - Child Adolescent and Family Service

CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
CARATS - Counselling Assessment Referral Advice Throughcare Service 

CAT - International Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

CB - Whole Place Community Budget Pilot

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CCJS - Centre for Criminal Justice Studies

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television
CDA - Crime and Disorder Act 1988

CDRP - Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership

CEDAW - International Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
CEP - Conférence Permanente Européenne de la Probation

CERD - International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination

CFMHT - Community Forensic Mental Health Team

CHC - Community Health Council

CICA - Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

CID - Criminal Investigation Department

CIO - Chief Information Officer

CIU - Community Integration Unit (Home Office)
CJ&CSA - Criminal Justice and Court Services Act
CJA - Criminal Justice Act
CJIP - Criminal Justice Interventions Programme (now DIP)
CJIT - Criminal Justice Information Technology
CJPO - Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
CJS - Criminal Justice System

CMHT - Community Mental Health Team

CNPA - Civil Nuclear Police Authority
CP(I)A - Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act
CP(IUP)A - Criminal Procedure (Insanity and Unfitness to Plead) Act
CPC - Central Probation Council
CPIA - Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996

CPN - Community Psychiatric Nurse
CPO - Chief Probation Officer (now CO) 

CPO - Crime Prevention Officer
CPS - Crown Prosecution Service 
CQSW - Certificate of Qualification on Social Work
CRAMS - Case Record Administration and Management System

CRB - Criminal Records Bureau
CRC - International Convention on the Rights of the Child
CRE - Commission for Racial Equality 

CRI - Crime Reduction Initiatives
CSA - Child Support Agency

CSAP - Correctional Services Accreditation Panel
CSI - Crime Scene Investigator
CSP - Community Safety Partnership

CSR - Correctional Services Review 

CSV - Community Service Volunteers

CTSA - Counter Terrorism Security Advisor
CTU - Counter Terrorism Unit
CVS - Council for Voluntary Service
CYPA - Children and Young Person Act



DAT - Drug Action Team

DAAT - Drug and Alcohol Action Team
DCA - Department for Constitutional Affairs 

DCLG - Department for Communities & Local Government
DCR - Discretionary Conditional Release

DCWO - Divorce Court Welfare Officer

DDA - Disability Discrimination Act
DEFRA - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
DfES - Department for Education and Skills

DIA - Diversity Impact Assessment
DIP - Drug Intervention Programme
DipSW - Diploma in Social Work
DipPS - Diploma in Probation Studies
DPA - Data Protection Act
DPAS - Drug Prevention Advisory Service
DPMCA - Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act
DPP - Director of Public Prosecutions

DRC - Disability Rights Commission
DRR - Drug Rehabilitation Requirement

DSAG - Disability Support and Awareness Group

DSN - Disability Support Network
DTO - Detention and Training Order
DTTO - Drug Treatment and Testing Order 

DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
DVMPA - Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 
DWD - Driving Whilst Disqualified

DWP - Department for Work and Pensions



EA - Equality Act 2006

EC - European Community or European Commission
ECP - Enhanced Community Punishment 

ECM - Every Child Matters
EDR - Earliest Date of Release
EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management 
eOASys - Electronic Offender Assessment System

EOC - Equal Opportunities Commission
EPA - Environmental Protection Act 1990 
ERCG - Early Release on Compassionate Grounds
ESF - European Social Fund
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
ETE - Employment Training and Education
ETS - Enhanced Thinking Skills (replaced by GOP)
EV - External Verifier



FCO - Foreign & Commonwealth Office

FCWO - Family Court Welfare Officer
FD - Family Division (of High Court)
FMIS - Financial Management Information Systems
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FPN - Fixed Penalty Notice
FPCR - Family Proceedings Courts (Children Act) 1991 Rules
FPR - Family Proceedings Rules 1991

FSPU - Forensic Science & Pathology Unit
FSS - Forensic Science Service 



GAL - Guardian Ad Litem
GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm

GLA - Greater London Authority

GM - Greater Manchester

GMCVO - Greater Manchester Council for Voluntary Organisation

GOEM - Government Office East Midlands

GONE - Government Office North East
GOP - General Offending Programme (formerly ETS)

GOYH - Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber

GPA - Gay Police Association

GRA - Gender Recognition Act 2004
GSN - Gay Support Network



H&S - Health and Safety
HALOW - Help and Advice Line for Offenders' Wives
HASWA - Health and Safety at Work Act

HAT - Housing Action Trust

HCCJ - Hallam Centre for Community Justice
HDC - Home Detention Curfew
HIV - Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HMCTS - Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services

HMCIC - Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary

HMIC - Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary

HMIP - HM Inspectorate of Probation
HMP - Her Majesty's Prison

HMPS - Her Majesty's Prison Service

HMRC - Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationery Office (now OPSI)
HO - Home Office

HOC - Housing Options Centre
HOC - Home Office Circular
HORU - Home Office Research Unit
HRA - Human Rights Act
HSE - Health and Safety Executive



IAA - Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

IAC - Intensive Alternatives to Custody
IANA - Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006
ICCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

IDAP - Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme
IIP - Investors in People

IMB - Independent Monitoring Boards

IMPACT - Information Management, Prioritisation, Analysis, Co-ordination and Tasking

IOM - Integrated Offender Management

IND - Immigration and Nationality Directorate (now BIA)

IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission

IPP - Indefinite Imprisonment for Public Protection

IPPR - Institute of Public Policy Research

IRC - Immigration Detention Centre

ISM - Intensive Supervision Model

ISSP - Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme

IV - Internal Verifier



JCP - Job Centre Plus

JJSB - Judicial Studies Board

JP - Justice of the Peace

JR - Justice Reinvestment



KPI - Key Performance Indicator



LAA - Local Area Agreement

LAC - Local Authority Circular

LASCH - Local Authority Secure Children's Home
LCD - Lord Chancellor's Department

LCJB - Local Criminal Justice Board

LEA - Local Education Authority

LED - Licence Expiry Date
LGA - Local Government Act
LGMB - Local Government Management Board

LIO - Local Infra-structure Organisation

LJR - Local Justice Reinvestment
LRC - Local Review Committee
LSC - Learning and Skills Council

LSC - Legal Services Commission

LSP - Local Strategic Partnership
LSCB - Local Safeguarding Children Board



MALAP - Multi Agency Looked After Partnership

MAPPA - Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements

MAPPP - Multi-Agency Public Protection Panel
MARAC - Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference
MCA - Magistrates' Courts Act
MDOs - Mentally Disordered Offenders
MHA - Mental Health Act

MHAC - Mental Health Act Commission

MoD - Ministry of Defence

MoJ - Ministry of Justice

MOPAC - Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime

MPA - Metropolitan Police Authority
MPS - Metropolitan Police Service
MPSO - Money Payment Supervision Order



NAPBH - National Association of Probation and Bail Hostels
NAPO - National Association of Probation Officers

NARPO - National Association of Retired Police Officers
NAVH - National Association of Voluntary Hotels

NAW - National Assembly for Wales

NAVCA - National Association for Voluntary & Community Action
NAVSS - National Association of Victim Support Schemes

NCIS - National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCJB - National Criminal Justice Board

NCPE - National Centre for Policing Excellence

NCS - National Crime Squad

NCSP - National Community Safety Plan
NCRS - National Crime Recording Standards
NCVO - National Council for Voluntary Organisations
NCVQ - National Council for Vocational Qualification

NDC - New Deal for Communities

NDPB - Non-departmental Public Body
NFA - No Fixed Abode

NFFID - National Firearms Forensic Intelligence Database
NFLMS - National Firearms Licensing Management System

NHP - Neighbourhood Policing

NHS - National Health Service
NIM - National Intelligence Model

NIMHE - National Institute for Mental Health in England
NIO - Northern Ireland Office
NISW - National Institute for Social Work
NOM - National Offender Manager
NOMIS - National Offender Management Information System (use cNOMIS)
NOMS - National Offender Management Service
NOTA - National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers

NMIS - National Management Information System
NOS - National Occupations Standards
NPB - National Policing BoardNPD - National Probation Directorate
NPRIE - National Probation Research and Information Exchange

NPIA - National Policing Improvement Agency
NPP - Neighbourhood Policing Plan
NPP - Neighbourhood Policing Programme
NPS - National Probation Service of England and Wales

NRF - Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
NS - National Standards

NSPIS - National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSPCC - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NTA - National Treatment Agency
NTO - National Training Organisation
NVQ - National Vocational Qualification

NWS - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme



OASys - Offender Assessment System
OCJR - Office for Criminal Justice Reform

OCU - Operational Command Unit
ODPM - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
OFSTED - Office for Standards in Education

OGP - OASys General reoffending Predictor

OGRS - Offender Group Reconviction Scale

OHU - Occupational Health Unit
OLASS - Offenders' Learning And Skills Service
OM - Offender Manager 
OPCS - Office of Population Census and Statistics

OPSI - Office of Public Sector Information
OSC - Overview and Scrutiny Committee

OTS - Office of the Third Sector

OVP - OASys Violence Predictor



PA - Police Act 1996

PACE - Police and Criminal Evidence Act
PAGS - Probation Accommodation Grants Scheme
PBA - Probation (Boards) Association

PbR - Payment by Results

PCC - Police and Crime Commissioner
PCCA - Powers of Criminal Courts Act
PCCSA - Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act

PCSO - Police Community Support Officer

PCSU - Police Crime Standards Unit
PCT - Primary Care Trust
PDA - Practice Development Assessor

PDR - Performance Development Review
PED - Parole Eligibility Date
PFI - Private Finance Initiative

PHA - Protection from Harassment Act 1997

PHU - Practical Housing Unit
PI - Prison Department Circular Instruction
PICA - Public Interest Case Assessment

PITO - Police Information Technology Organisation
PIU - Partnership Intelligence Unit

PJA - Police and Justice Act 2006
PLC - Probation Liaison Committee
PNC - Police National Computer

PND - Penalty Notice Disposals
PO - Probation Officer or Parenting Order

POCA - Protection of Children Act 1999

POELT - Prison Officer Entry Level Trainees
PPO - Prolific and Other Priority Offenders (formerly POPO)

PPP - Public Private Partnership

PRA - Police Reform Act 2002
PRES - Pre Release Employment Scheme
PRET - Probation Research and Educational Trust
PRINCE - Projects in a Controlled Environment
PRINCE2 - Projects in a Controlled Environment 2
PSA - Petty Sessional Area

PSA - Public Service Agreement
PSM - Pro Social Modelling

PSNI - Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSO - Probation Services Officer

PSO - Prison Service Orders

PSO 4190 - Prison Service Strategy for working with the voluntary sector
PSR - Pre Sentence Report (Replaced by SDR)

PSU - Police Standards Unit (Home Office)
PYO - Persistent Young Offender



QAF - Quality Assurance Framework 

QUANGO - Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government Organisation



RADAR - Reducing and Deterring Adult Reconviction

RCT - Randomised Control Trials

RDS - Research Development and Statistics Directorate

REC - Racial Equality Council
RES - Race Equality Scheme
RIC - Remanded in Custody

RIF - Racial Incident Form

RJ - Restorative Justice

RMP - Royal Military Police
ROA - Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
ROB - Remanded on Bail
ROM - Regional Offender Manager
ROR - Risk of Reoffending

RoTL - Release on Temporary License

RPU - Roads Policing Unit

RR(A)A - Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
RRAP - Reducing Re-offending Action Plan

RRAT - Reducing Re-Offending Action Team

RRLO - Race Relations Liaisons Officer

RRMT - Race Relations Management Team
RSD - Regional Staff Development 

RSL - Registered Social Landlord
RSO - Registered Sex Offender

RSU - Regional Secure Unit

RTA - Road Traffic Accident



SARC - Sexual Assault Rape Centre

Sch 1 - Schedule 1 Offence/Offender
SED - Sentence Expiry Date

SENU - Social Enterprise National Unit
SEU - Sentence Enforcement Unit

SEU - SEU Social Exclusion Unit

SHA - Strategic Health Authority

SHiP - Supported Housing in Partnership
SI - Statutory Instrument

SIO - Senior Investigative Officer
SLA - Service Level Agreement

SMART - Streatham Mainliners Assessment Referral Team
SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Limited

SNAP - Support Needs Assessment and Placement Team
SNOP - Statement of National Objectives and Priorities

SOCA - Serious and Organised Crime Agency
SOCPA - Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005

SORT - Street Outreach Response Team
SOVA - Society of Voluntary Associates
SP - Supporting People

SPPU - Sentencing Policy and Penalties Unit
SRB - Single Regeneration Budget
SSD - Social Services Department
SSO - Suspended Sentence Order

STC - Secure Training Centre



TF - Think First
TIC - Taken into Consideration

TJP - Transforming Justice Programme
TPO - Trainee Probation Officer
TWOC - Take Without Owners Consent 

TWP - Together Women Programme



UCB - Unconditional Bail
UNISON - Union Representing APT&C and some other grades of staff 

USI - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse



VAC - Voluntary Aftercare

VCRA - Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006
VCS - Voluntary and Community Sector

VISOR - Violent and Sex Offender Register

VSM - Voluntary Supervision Model
VSS - Victim Support Services

VSU - Voluntary Sector Unit (Home Office)







YES - Youth Engagement Service

YIP - Youth Inclusion Programme

YISP - Youth Inclusion Support Panel
YJB - Youth Justice Board

YJRP - Youth Justice Reinvestment Pathfinder

YO - Young Offender

YOI - Young Offenders Institution

YOS - Youth Offending Service
YOT - Young Offender Team
YTC - Youth Treatment Centre 





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