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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Offender Engagement Workshop Outline: An exploration of how an IOM team can effectively engage offenders


Version: PS/OE/1/1.0


Author: Joe Woods



One of the biggest challenges facing IOM teams is that of bringing together staff from varied professional backgrounds into a single unit and enables them to engage in a uniform way with offenders who are often not under statutory supervision. This workshop will help teams and individuals explore some of the thinking around different ways to engage with offenders. It will also consider some of the research behind effective engagement to highlight the critical success factors for working with offenders to deliver an Integrated Offender Management scheme which reduces offending .



Who should attend?

This workshop will be most appropriate for new and existing front line delivery staff and operational managers working in or partnering with IOM teams. 



Learning outcomes

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Identify the different methods of engaging with offenders as part of an Integrated Offender Management scheme

  • Understand the problems associated with voluntary/involuntary engagement

  • Use to best advantage the  different approaches by individuals in a multi- disciplinary team



Learning style

The workshop has been designed as a mixture of facilitator inputs, focused discussions and exercises. Participants should expect a high level of interaction and should be prepared to use their own experience to promote and consolidate learning.




The workshop covers three key areas:


  • Core issues for engagement

  • Evidence for effective engagement

    • Offender Engagement Project NOMS – ongoing

    • Managing offenders on short custodial sentences – National Audit Office 2010

    • Reducing Re-offending – Key Practice Skills – Social Work Inspection Agency – Scottish Executive 2005

    • Reducing Re-offending by ex-prisoners - Social Exclusion Unit 2002

  • Four different styles of offender engagement

    • The cycle of change

    • Motivational skills

    • Pro-social Modelling

    • Learning styles




The workshop can be run over one day or split into two half days. The total learning time is approximately 6 hours. It can also be covered in a number of shorter events. If the topic is to be covered in, for example,  part of a team meeting - the suggestion would be to cover the first 2 sections in one event (approx. 2 hours) and the four different styles in four separate events (an hour each). These timings will obviously vary depending on the numbers of participants and level of interaction.