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Tuesday 24 April 2018

IOM Workshop Outline: An Exploration of Organisational Culture, Change and Effective IOM Delivery

Version: PS/OC/1/1.0


Author: Jo Chilvers



One of the biggest challenges facing IOM teams is that of bringing together staff from varied professional backgrounds into a single unit whose strength lies in its diversity, yet which is united around shared goals and common values. This workshop will help teams explore some of the thinking around organisational culture, values, and managing conflict. It will also use research from the pioneer IOM sites to highlight the critical success factors for effective IOM delivery.


Who should attend?

This workshop will be most appropriate for new and existing front line delivery staff and operational managers working in or partnering with IOM teams.


Learning outcomes

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Identify how organisational culture and values shape and influence their work activities and decision making

  • Recognise the causes of conflict in the workplace and explore strategies for resolving differences

  • Understand what research tells us about effective IOM delivery

Learning style

The workshop has been designed as a mixture of facilitator inputs, focused discussions and exercises. Participants should expect a high level of interaction and should be prepared to use their own experience to promote and consolidate learning.


The workshop covers four key areas:

1. Organisational Culture

  • A look at culture and organisational culture

  • Types, levels and functions of organisational culture

  • Signs of a healthy organisational culture

  • Organisational values

  • The Competing Values Framework

2. Conflict

  • Organisational conflict

  • Sources, potential outcomes and strategies for managing organisational conflict

3. Change

  • Planned and unplanned change

  • Introducing change – Lewin’s 3 stage model

  • Recognising and dealing with resistance

4. Learning from the IOM Process Evaluation

  • Learning from the IOM Process Evaluation

  • Critical Success Factors in IOM Delivery



The workshop can be run over one day. There is up to approximately 6.5 hours of material.

Indicative timings are included on each slide but these will vary depending on the numbers of participants and level of interaction.