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Thursday 26 April 2018

Building VCS Involvement in IOM: Supplement 3 - Glossary of acronyms

Version: Tk/C/12/1.0

Author: Clinks

April 2012

Glossary of Acronyms1


 Acronym:  Full Name:
 Automatic Unconditional Release
 Basic Custody Screening Tool
 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
 Counselling Assessment Referral Advice and Through-care Services
 Community Interest Company
 Criminal Justice Act
 Criminal Justice System
 Computerised National Offender Management Information System
 Crown Prosecution Service


 Civil Society Organisation

(alternative term for Voluntary & Community Sector organisation)

 Community Safety Partnership
 Croydon Voluntary Action
 Council for Voluntary Service
 Director of Offender Management
 Drug Interventions Programme
 Fast Delivery Report
 formerly Group 4 Securicor
 Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action
 Home Detention Curfew
 Her Majesty's Prison Service
 Head of Offender Management
 Integrated Offender Management
 Indeterminate Public Protection (sentence)
 Key Performance Indicator
 Key Performance Target
 Management Local Inmate Database System
 Layered Offender Management


 Local Support & Development Organisation

(e.g. Council for Voluntary Service)

 Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements
 Ministry of Justice
 National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
 National Offender Management Model
 National Offender Management Service
 Offender Assessment System
 Observation Classification Allocation
 Offender Manager/Management
 Offender Management Unit
 Offender Supervisor
 Police and Crime Commissioner
 Prisons National Offender Management Information System
 Probation Officer
 Principal Officer
 Prison Service Instruction
 Prolific and other Priority Offender
 Public Protection Unit
 Electronic system for parole process - all indeterminate sentences
 Probation Service Officer
 Prison Service Order
 Pre Sentence Report
 Restorative Justice
 Release on Temporary Licence


 Social Enterprise

(a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose)

 Senior Management Team
 Senior Officer
 Senior Probation Officer
 Sex Offender Treatment Programme


 Third Sector

(alternative term for Voluntary & Community Sector)

 Voluntary and Community Sector
 Violent and Sex Offender Register
 Young Offender Institution
 Youth Offending Team




1 Please note: This resource draws heavily on the practice learning from the evaluation of Building Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Involvement in Integrated Offender Management, undertaken by the Hallam Centre for Community Justice at Sheffield Hallam University: Kevin Wong, Caroline O’Keeffe, Linda Meadows, Joanna Davidson, Hayden Bird, Katherine Wilkinson & Paul Senior. 2012. Increasing the voluntary and community sector’s involvement in Integrated Offender Management. Online:  [Last accessed 14/03/2012]