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Thursday 26 April 2018
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Nacro's Response to the Ministry of Justice's Proposals to Toughen up Community Sentences

Paul McDowell, chief executive of crime reduction charity Nacro, said: “The public must have confidence that community sentences are rigorous and demanding, so we welcome the MoJ’s plans. But community sentences also need to be effective in reducing the risk of re-offending and therefore to reduce crime. Having someone sitting at home for 16 hours a day will not in itself help prevent reoffending.


"The use of curfews as part of a community penalty is an effective part of what should be a wider programme of practical activities designed to reduce the likelihood of reoffending. Nacro knows that you prevent reoffending by helping people gain skills and employment and dealing with any drink or drug problems. Nacro therefore argues for community sentences that effectively balance punishment and rehabilitation, which reduce re-offending and crime, and build public confidence.”

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