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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Published Dissertations

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Below is a list of all dissertations published by the Hallam Criminology Society to date.


Click on the relevant entry to view an abstract of the dissertation and download the full text.



Strategic facilitation and the police
Bethany Middleton

Inappropriate Imprisonment? Reforming Women's Penal Policy from a Gender-specific Perspective
Rebecca Brackett


Islamic Extremist Terrorism: The Public's Perception of its Causes

Lauren Whitehair


Is contemporary anti-terror legislation counterproductive?

Matthew Rhodes


How effective is the utilisation of increased street lighting as a situational crime prevention method?

Samuel Crayk


Is The Use Of Illegal Drugs Normalised Within A Student Population?

Nicholas Woodrow


Public Perceptions of Criminal Justice Responses towards Sex Offenders and the Impact that Parenthood has upon these

Anna Morton


An Exploration of Media Campaigns & Policy Formulation

Charlotte Taylor


Youth Gang Membership: An Investigation of Young People Joining and Leaving Gangs

Daniel S Hounslea


The influence of the ‘hip-hop lifestyle’ on the possession and use of weapons by young male gang members in the UK

Danielle Ward


Sugar and Spice...And all Things Nice? Perceptions and Understandings of Female Perpetrators of Filicide 

Eleanor Peers


Sex Offenders & How They Use the Internet

Joasia Lesniak


Drug use at U.K. Music Festivals

Laura E Eaton


Youth Offending Teams: Preventing Crime and Social Exclusion

Paul Wilkinson


Rape and Responsibility: A quantitative study into gendered student perceptions of female rape and the attribution of responsibility

Rebecca C King


The Impact of Gender upon Fear of Crime in Victims and Non-Victims

Louise Bisatt


A sociopsychological investigation into the possible motivations of youth involvement within delinquent gangs in contemporary society

Kayley Louise Cracknell


Do Women Need Gender Specific Secure Services?

Hannah Hillyer


To What Extent has Recreational Drug Use become Normalised within a Contemporary Student Population?

Paul Murray


Is there a correlational relationship between a person's perceived level of adaptive unconscious and the rate of accuracy in the detection of deception?

Charles Smedley