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News from CJP includes all information of a certain public interest that has hitherto been hidden from public scrutiny. It usually concerns a recent fact, a topicality, in which there is a collective interest. However, news can also relate to an ‘information’ from the past that has not previously been disclosed as such to a wide circle of interested parties. It may involve the disclosure of facts that many find interesting and, for example, publicity caused by an information leak. This came out with BJCJ.

Wil je meer weten over allerlei zaken? Lees dan eens over energie, en andere dingen zoals leningeninternet en uiteraard de boekhoudprogramma’s of uitvaartverzekeringen. Al deze zaken worden doorgenomen op deze site.

Alle volumes op een rijtje

Volume 7 issue 3
Volume 13 issue 3
Volume 2 issue 3
Volume 8 issue 2
Volume 13 issue 2
Volume 14 issue 2
Volume 12 issue 3
Volume 14 issue 1
Volume 13 issue 1
Volume 11 issue 2-3

The medium that presents a news item first in a distribution area or to an audience is the first. In order to emphasize their own pride in this, some editors provide it with the label exclusively. News is presented in the form of editorial text (such as teletext), a graph, a news photo, via video or film or spoken word. In a newspaper or magazine, news is usually grouped together at the front and presented separately from the commentary and background to the news. With the expression the news we often refer to the radio news or the TV news.